Sewing Classes

We bring Sewing Creativity and Refashioning to your Neighborhood

Class Descriptions

Online Sewing Classes

Have something you really want to create but don’t know where to start? Join our online classes to learn the ropes of sewing from your very first few stitches until the final loose strings are trimmed. There is nothing like seeing your vision come to life and learning to make that happen through a step-by-step online guide can make the process of learning fun and easy. The fact that it can be done right from the comfort and convenience of your own home is an added bonus!

$50 for a 4 week session (Sept 21-Oct 12)

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Beginner Classes 

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Learn about everything from how to keep your machines in good working condition, to the names of different tools and patterns, to conducting your first stitches. This class is great for anyone just starting to take an interest in sewing or would like to learn a fun hobby. These classes, which can be in person or online are interactive and chatty. A great way to get your feet wet to see if sewing is for you, or if you just need to pick up on some basic knowledge and skills.


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Not sure where you really fall on your knowledge and experience with sewing? Then this class is a great place to fit right in. It is ideal for those who have experience using a sewing machine and can conduct basic stitching work. The class will focus on building on these existing skills to broaden your techniques and pattern knowledge.

Advanced Sewing/Refashioning

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For those who take sewing a little more seriously, these classes focus on a variety of sewing techniques and perfecting your art of sewing to help you reach an expert level skillset in sewing. Come prepared with any questions you may have so we can take the time to problem-solve and learn tips and trips that experts in the field use to fine-tune their products.


These classes can be online or in person and focus primarily on recreating garments that are already assembled. Meant more for intermediate or experienced seamstresses, this class is great for increasing your skillset on different patterns and techniques.